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History of POC

Proof of Concept, Inc. (POC) started in Sept 2006 as a rapid prototyping service bureau. But with 22 years of experience in the footwear industry, the founder Gary Pitman soon found himself doing more and more work with footwear companies. With others from the footwear industry joining the team, it became clear the main focus would be on footwear - although POC does service other industries with rapid prototyping and CAD services, as well as product development.

Experienced Team

Six years later, POC is a product creation consulting firm based in the Portland, Oregon area. It’s comprised of footwear industry veterans with over 80+ years of combined experience. We have worked internally at both small and large companies, including Nike, adidas, Airwalk, and Avia and have now consulted for many more - such as Columbia, Red Wing, Altra, Z-Coil - just to mention a few.

Modern Shoe Dogs

As a result of our many years of experience, the POC team is very knowledgeable in the technical traditions and artisan heritage of the footwear industry. However, what makes us unique is the fact that we have been at the forefront of helping the industry identify and utilize cutting-edge product creation tools like 3D scanning, 3D computer modeling, rapid prototyping, and virtual visualization. Basically, we are “Shoe Dogs”, a term used for experienced shoe experts who are always looking for ways to use modern digital tools when creating new products.

Fast, Value Added, and Right the First Time

At POC, we have built our company by being high-integrity and customer- focused, while working hard to meet our client’s expectations and goals. We strive to find ways to help individuals and companies get their new product ideas to the market faster and right the first time. We are comfortable being involved as little or as much as required. Our goal is not to recommend “change for change’s” sake, but to analyze customers’ existing processes and determine if there are ways our skills and tools can add value.

We are just as comfortable and willing to develop a new last that will improve fit and comfort - creating a 3D model and rapid prototype part to confirm a design before a mold is opened - as we are with taking a rough idea or sketch all the way through from development to production.

Cost Effective

Having managed departments in large corporations, we know and understand the importance and ability it takes to do more with less cost. When contracting with a team of footwear experts like POC, we have all the technical knowledge along with hardware and software to get the job done. That means you do not need to invest in additional internal headcount or make investments in capital expenditures. Our clients have realized that for the price of one salaried employee, they can have access to a team of experienced footwear experts who use cutting-edge hardware and software to help bring product to life.

We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you!