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Factory Sourcing

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The final step in actually bringing a new footwear project to market is having the shoe produced in a footwear factory. Footwear factories are located all over the world, with the largest percentage found throughout Asia. Finding and working with a quality factory is paramount to producing high-quality, functional, cost-effective shoes.

Most established companies already have their own group of factories. However, if you are new to footwear or are a growing company that needs more production capacity, POC can provide some options. We currently have relationships with Asia - based development teams in China and Indonesia who in turn have access to numerous factories in their vicinity. We have chosen to work with these groups for two main reasons:

1. They work with quality factories.

2. The development team is independent from the factory, so they are capable of making sure the factory is doing things correctly.

So, if you are looking for a quality factory to develop and produce new footwear projects, we can help. Our only condition is that we stay involved in helping you manage the relationship to keep the project progressing successfully. Please let us know if you have any projects you would like us to evaluate. Also, we have recently started adding some domestic footwear sources for certain styles of shoes.